What is a shared party host?
A shared party host is someone who manages 3 party rooms at once and will check in with you periodically to offer assistance.
How many people should I book for?
We have limited availability in all of our games so we always recommend booking for your maximum number of people. Increasing your number of players in the future is often not possible as the games are likely sold out.
Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are not mandatory but are strongly recommended as we have a limited availability in all of our games!
How long will my event at LaserMaxx last?
Our Birthday Parties and Group Events that include a party/meeting room are scheduled for 2 hours and 20 minutes from drop off to pick up.
Here is our typical schedule:
      - The two game portion of the event takes up the first hour and twenty minutes from code-name selection to scorecard presentation and everything in between.
      - The party room is scheduled for one hour after the games.
How long is a game of LaserMaxx?
From code-name selection to scorecard presentation and everything in between, expect to be at LaserMaxx for approximately 30 to 40 minutes per game. If you are playing more than one game there will be a short break between missions to catch your breath.
The actual playing time of one laser tag game is 15-minutes of exhilarating FUN!
When do I arrive at LaserMaxx?
When making your reservation, you are selecting your arrival time. The mission will begin 20 minutes after your arrival time.
Can I just walk in?
We always accept walk-ins however we always recommend making an online reservation to secure your spots as we are often sold out in advance.
Can I bring outside food to LaserMaxx?
We have an exclusive arrangement with Domino's and the full menu is available for purchase. Orders are placed directly through LaserMaxx using our online booking system or during our confirmation call prior to the event.
Am I charged for guests who don't show up to my event?
Book for your maximum number of players and we will confirm the details leading up to your event. If fewer players participate on the day of the event, the extra players will be removed from your bill and you will not be charged for them.
What is the cancellation policy?
Deposits are non-refundable however they are fully transferable to a new date and time. The deposit will remain on your account to use on a future reservation.
Where is my gift card?
At LaserMaxx, we offer electronic gift cards. Upon purchase, you will receive an email that contains a unique code. The gift card code can be applied to an online/telephone booking or present it at the front desk when you arrive.  Gift cards may be used for all products and services at LaserMaxx San Jose.  Give the gift of FUN!
How old do you have to be to play LaserMaxx?
LaserMaxx is fun for almost any age! There is no maximum age for players. We cater to all sorts of teen & adult groups, corporate groups and even bachelor / bachelorette parties. Children aged 5 and above are typically able to manage the LaserMaxx vest on their own. Some younger players may require the assistance of an adult to wear the vest while the child carries the laser unit - Teamwork! If you are unsure, come by for a visit. We would be happy to give you a tour to help you decide.
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